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andrew lovatt

listening to music
a duty of doubt
smoking fire cycle

the talking leather chair, digital photo by andrew lovatt

listening to music

it is as much the decay as the rising note which one hears. the disappearance of sound is as meaningful as the sound itself; is the sound itself actually. the shadow side of sound is silence. why do we assume silence has only one quality? could it be as conditional as sound, dependent on many factors and have it’s own conjoined nature. could there be a unique silence for every unique sound?

the necessary opposing reality to progress is regress. life greets death and is born again. so it is the missing of sound which makes sound appear to exist at all. no silence, no sound.

what strikes resonant chords in us is as much the non-feeling as it is the moving. the stillness also speaks, albeit in a hidden, unique and inscrutable voice. we hear between and behind music. the music itself is a contour map of space in motion, confronting us with metaphors of meaning that speak to us in archetypal allegory. we’ve lost the keys, but we know the meaning sometimes. we become moved to know ourselves through the sonic reflection it provides.

[newbridge: 21.09.02]
digital photo: the talking leather chair by a.lovatt

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