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andrew lovatt

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a duty of doubt
smoking fire cycle

three ladies statue outside dublin castle, ireland by andrew lovatt

a duty of doubt

a duty of doubt is to question the cracks and crevices of accepted "things", and even and especially ideas. to doubt question itself too.

if and what and how and where and when and why? and then… thus?

this is our rationing of anything. the cartesian logic belt that holds us in a seeming sanity. on careful scrutiny "accepted reality" always turns out to be an agreement amongst the organism of the many to take certain "facts" as axiomatic. "these truths we hold to be self-evident"?

or quite possibly, despite human arrogance and denial, we are as subject to the instinctual patterning of "mother nature" as all else that exists. outside of our rationing, out the corner of our eye, the energy of this patterning force shapes all destinies. terrestrial fate. corpo-reality.

the will of nature and it’s purposes are outside our logic. we are encapsulated by this nature of existence, live within it. what we want is nothing in the course of the natural machinations which are fundamental within life itself. this energy flows in such complexity, subtlety and speed that we see not a tenth of the whole. we miss it, in fact.

the rationing of mystery is the business of official, reasoned culture. to dole out sanctioned myths, points of anchor in an unfathomable cosmic sea. driftwood carved of exquisite mohagany. fashioning ships is a natural will against the unknown. ah, but the known is so comforting!

[newbridge 06.12.02]
digital photo: 1 of the three ladies, statues outside dublin castle, ireland
by a.lovatt

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