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A Year of Musing Dangerously by Russell Bittner

All photographs are by Russell Bittner

S e p t e m b e r

Try not to remember how once in September
spacergifI fought to keep both boats afloat,
as “friends” would all gather to lambaste our blather,
spacergifthen vote on who’d best cooked whose goat.

Instead, watch the children in early December
spacergifwhen Christmas is still quite remote,
since kids know this dad’s lack of facts in November
spacergifmight mean one less warm winter coat.

spacergif* * * * * * * * * *

The heat’s less oppressive, yet I’m still obsessive
spacergifabout my late lover—don’t gloat.
Instead, let’s bring Smirnov to bed for a burn-off,
spacergifthen swill with a swell anecdote:

while true that her aura (she’s no Petrarch’s Laura)
spacergifmay stick thick as thieves in my throat,
let’s not forget Laura, too, once had an aura
spacergifof crepuscule—now creosote.



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