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A Year of Musing Dangerously by Russell Bittner < back : index : next >   

A Year of Musing Dangerously by Russell Bittner

All photographs are by Russell Bittner

O c t o b e r

If fall portends a final rest
spacergifstop far from our late plummet,
let’s dip into your wedding chest
spacergifand grab a grommet from it

to rile the scam and halt our skid
spacergifa plum’s throw from the summit,
of where, from wiser eyes, we hid—
spacergiflike hedonists—to slum it

beneath the skirts of a brazen maid
spacergifwhose bawdiness once beckoned
to frenzied folks on lemonade
spacergifand squeezing every second

out of a life that would parade
spacergifto hucksters of reliance
both gallimaufry and charade
spacergifof personal defiance.



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