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Among the Unawake poems from the Great Plains by Rodney Nelson

U n t i r i n g   L i g h t
No more yellow autumn
into gray fall now
but warm with a luxus of light that
time cannot impoverish
a day fulfilled
at noon and I am walking it on
the river path anyway
I was thinking
of travel when I came of how to
get my mind through the dim heavy months until
I could
but the dead hanging willow
leaves have no weight
the sun all among them would
not have to be and might as well make
them reflect
the idiot river working
north into an early freezeup will
drudge to Winnipeg at its own any rate
am not waiting
my journey has
always been on and I do not even have
to know the point that I have moved to
the moment is comportable enough
a moment of warm only tired
grass untiring light and
I abound in it


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