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p o e m s

m a r i a   p a c e

cyclic redundancy check

hillside cemetary


tempered froggy


taxidermy becomes you

haiku # 5




maria pace writes:

until recently, most of my experience with writing had been in childhood and adolescence. i began writing poetry at the age of 9, and published my first chapbook on construction paper in the 5th grade. in high school, i was often asked to "explain" my writing assignments to the teacher, who would give me an "A" anyway. i have a novel-in-progress,
Dr. Mortly's Space Adventure which has garnered high praise from my sister monica and the school librarian. however, the novel now exists mostly in my mind. the last copy is on a corrupted orange floppy disk. i refuse to disclose the whereabouts of the one remaining paper copy.

i quit the poetry racket when i entered adulthood. i got a degree in mathematics and computer science from bryn mawr college. but after three years of programming cable set-top boxes, i turned to writing once again. as a former painter and sketch artist, i now expresses myself visually through photomontage. i live in philadelphia, pa, with my two cats. i work as a software engineer, and am currently the online editor for Philadelphia Arts Writers Newspaper. my poetry recently appeared in Nth Position Magazine and The Aurelian - both as maria delvecchia.

maria's collected poetry and art can be found on her home site here.

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