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p o e m s

m o n i c a   p a c e

the picture stones


mercator projection

digging out

sky above clouds

padded leprechaun

the "you are here"

b i o :

an occasional author of poetic prose, i lately spend more time getting out and having experiences in my native /adopted philadelphia. my latest work bristles with a sense of place. i'm a closet cartographer, dreaming of maps and strange elevations. it's all an attempt to embrace the interstices between the said and the unsaid. the antipodes of connection and alienation. i don't write often, but i favour haiku: terse, impassive diction, a subtractive method of writing. ockham's razor.

a sometime painter as well, i've displayed my work in three philadelphia galleries and spend my workaday answering phones and sketching traffic lights. i haven't a website to visit, but my brief forays into journalism can be viewed at for poetry visit
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