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l. ward abel poems on

p o e m s

l.   w a r d   a b e l

soul's housing

witting the space

so you this is you

stir bug shoulder

what a small club




[audio] to hear ward's live readings of new poetry - click here

“I suppose I’ve always been a poet, at least since I was around thirteen years old. Then I would dream of castles and landscapes within which I’d wander in green, blue and golden light. These days some have called me a “Southern” poet, being from Georgia (USA), and even though I am “Southern” to the core, I am (I hope) much more than a regional voice (“not that there’s anything wrong with that!”).

Music / Lyric composition has taken much of my attention over the years, releasing several CDs, either as “Max Able” or with “Abel & Rawls,” my present musical project.

Interweaving poetry and improv music has also interested me, as my work with Scapeweavel shows (Atlanta spoken word “pioneers,” or so I’ve been told---but we just have done what has come naturally: create). I’m not an idealist anymore, but I strive for ideals nonetheless. My chapbook, “Peach Box and Verge,” has just been published by Little Poem Press.

My poems have been published or are forthcoming in White Pelican Review, Electric Acorn (Ireland) [see also, nessa o'mahony, editor), Poetry Super Highway (as a featured poet of the week), Poetry Motel (Wallpaper Series), Wings Online, Literary Potpourri (Anthology), Verse Libre Quarterly, Muse Apprentice Guild, Versal (Netherlands), Prose Toad, and Tin Lustre Mobile, among many other publications.”

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