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van johnson younger
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porched with scapeweavel

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To read ward's first collection of poems on dead drunk dublin, click here.

“Two of these pieces, Van Johnson Younger (recorded in a beach cottage, November 1992 in St. Augustine, Florida) and Porched (recorded in 2001 at Bumticker Studio, Atlanta), include my poetry with musical accompaniment by the group, Scapeweavel, of which I am a founding member. This group is now considered a pioneer of spoken-word-with-music in Atlanta (GA), mixing poetry (including many poems by Joseph Hunt and, occasionally, by Jerry Stenger and David Powell) with multi-instrumental improvisation. 

Other Scapeweavel work can be heard at ). Scapeweavel began creating in the late 1980’s, and continues, though more sporadically, to this day. The other three poems of mine that are here, which are readings only, were recorded by me last winter at my home studio, Bumticker Studio, and they somewhat reflect upon my native Georgia countryside.

Presently, I am completing and shopping a new book of poetry entitled Lungscommon, and completing work on a new CD of music with my band Abel, Rawls and Hayes ( slated for release Summer/Fall 2005.”


To read ward's first collection of poems on dead drunk dublin, click here.

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