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image book cover Sometimes in Winter by Conan Kennedy

L e d w i d g e

I tour the Boyne Valley to visit
Certain important locations.
Tara, just to see how it looks,
And Newgrange, to flog some books.
Tara looked well, if slightly grassy.
Lia Fail. Mound of Hostages.
Crusties in tunnels.
Statue of Saint Pat.
And that’s, more or less, that.
At Bru na Boinne I had some lunch.
I’m pretty big at Bru na Boinne.
Tourists love my ancient Irish books.
After lunch we decided to go to Navan.
One of the most inexplicable decisions taken
By any Irish couple since
The time of the Tuatha de Danaan.
We sped along past the house of Ledwidge.
I saw it there in the corner of my eye
And fragments of his poetry worried me
Suddenly like a knocking in the engine
And I wondered, and then knew why.
He shall not hear my car pass by.


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