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a b h a   w r i t e s :

Being a woman; therefore of many parts. Often than not, torn apart. Now focusing on my higher calling. Daren’t look down for fear of falling. On my ass would be comfortable because of all the flesh, on my nose would hurt and make a mess. People reach for the stars; I grope for the rest of the sky’s darkness. Always loved the blue of blackness. Love to rant because it makes me pant. Otherwise I have been a cool cat all my life, secretly besotted by internal strife. It shows naught on my face, but in other myriad ways. Read my poems. You might get a clue. A woman I am, of a mixed- media hue. I write on love, life, losing and longing, for that elusive sense of belonging.

Abha Iyengar lives in New Delhi, India with her husband and family. Her writings have appeared in several anthologies, literary journals and e-zines. She is a Kota Press Poetry Anthology contest winner. Her work can be found in Citizen 32, Arabesques Review, Raven Chronicles, riverbabble, Breakaway Books, Gowanus Books, Insolent Rudder, Moondance, Tattoo Highway and the like. She has taken to writing a lot of Urdu poems recently and a selection will be published here later in 2008.

Visit Abha's website:

image book cover title 21st Century Indian Love Songs by Abha Iyengar

T h e   B a n k s   o f   t h e   B r a h m a p u t r a

2 1 s t   C e n t u r y   L o v e r

C o u p l e s

C l i n g i n g   O n

T h e   M o o n   L a u g h s

T h e   O u t c a s t

F a l s e   P r a y e r s

I   L e a r n

H o w   Y o u   H a v e   G r o w n

S o   P a r t i c u l a r

G r i e f

F o r g e t   I t

E y e s

G i v i n g   M y   W o r d

I   C o n s e r v e

S i l e n c e

P l a c e s

Z o n e s   o f   D a r k n e s s

T h i s   i s   n o t . . .

T h e   U l t i m a t u m

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