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coming to a mall near you: just war

by david potori

The phrase "Just War," used in reference to the battle being waged in Afghanistan, is beginning to resonate not as a deep philosophical concept, but like the names of those specialty stores you find in shopping malls: "Just Lamps," "Just Bulbs," "Just Paper." In fact, "Just War" turns out to be an eerily accurate marquee for the little shop known as the United States of America. War, to the increasing exclusion of everything else, is the only thing that America collectively cares about anymore.

We don't manufacture much of anything, Just War. We don't concern ourselves with education; Just War. We don't attend to the 40 million Americans without health coverage; Just War. We don't' support the arts; Just War. Even though a multitude of human needs were in existence prior to September 11, and have only increased since then we continue to direct our attention and our resources into what we do best; Just War.

Need a billion dollars for the military? No problem. Need an extra $40 billion for the war on terrorism? Here it is. Need a blank check to pursue an undeclared struggle with the unexplained means and undefined ends. You got it, because that's what America is all about, Just War. America is the biggest supplier of conventional weapons. America's the biggest supplier of torture weapons.

America manufactures and exports terrorists at its School of the Americas (now the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation). America exports violent entertainment around the globe. Prison construction remains one of our top industries. Global slavery is the secret behind our economic success. The military remains our biggest budget item. Whether its war on people of color overseas, or war on our rights at home, that's what we're all about: Just War.


david potori's brother died in the World Trade Center on 9-11
excerpted from american comments web magazine - - dedicated to raising the native american viewpoint of past and current bigotry.


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