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"I've been to the top of the World Trade Centre when it was still there or shortly after. I've swum with pinkeens, and I've seen Roddy Doyle dance. I've eaten fruit cocktail in the Pillar Cafe, smoked dope in Trinity junior common room, and been from Finglas to Rialto and back on the 19A vaporetto. I've been kicked out of Colaiste Mhuire and UCD, refused soup by the Simon Community and prevented from reading in Easons. I like people and other mammals, so far anyway."

stephen moran's first book, the london silence (see blog here), can be found on amazon uk.  his bio on irish writers online is succinct & direct: "Stephen Moran was born in Dublin in 1954. His first book is a short story collection, The London Silence (Pretend Genius Press, 2004). He is a contributing editor to online journals Sloe Wine and The Willesden Herald. He lives in London." stephen's own blog is here.

the london silence by stephen moran on dead drunk dublin
reading at the 1st dead drunk dublin festival:

"stephen joined 25 writers & poets and over a dozen musicians. he read several times during the 6 hour event - always to great applause. he seemed surprised. true, he began cautiously enough. as well he might, being back in his home town, reading to an irish audience! they could have skinned him. but they wrapped their arms around him with their applause. stephen is an authentic storyteller whose burst is yet to flame; a modern voice borne out of our tradition, speaking to us in a tongue, an irishness of the mind & soul which can never be entirely escaped - even though he now resides in angle-land. but here too, he follows the genetic tradition of many great irish storytellers."

- andrew lovatt, editor & festival organiser.

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