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dawn sunrise over wicklow mountains ireland digital photo by sarah mcdermott

dawn sunrise over the wicklow mountains : s. mcdermott : 17.03.03

the awakening

by john costello

It was sunrise. Harmonies of dreams flowed from the awakening birds as the sun spilt over the horizon, extending its greetings to the wondorous and most unnatural beauty of what we call nature. The stream's jewellery sparkled, gliding effortlessly over the shimmering silt, which seemed to wink back in approval to the sun for its warm welcome. The grumpy bark of the oak lost its frown; its plumage stretching out, awakened from its slumber. The day had begun its journey again, the sun flowing into her engine.

Surrounded by the emerging hum was a motionless sack filled with a young human male, who was still paying his silent respect to the stars that had since bowed to the brightness of the day. The head full of periwinkle curls, cushioned from the earth by a pair of thick pillows of flesh and nail, drifted slowly from the merky depths of a dream to the surface where it began to stir. It awoke. The glistening pupils quickly shrunk to attention as they were caught off guard by the speed of their introduction to the brightness of the spring morning. Aaron sat up - the light filled him with life.



© 2003 John Costello


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