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banshee poem by andrew lovatt on

born in chicago, vernyce dannells is a first generation,
mixed heritage American. alternating between both coasts
for most of her life, she remembers a challenging
adolescence in milwaukee's inner city -- the same
streets that became the arena of 60s riots and later,
the feeding grounds for jeffrey dahmer. she currently
resides in honolulu, hawaii. she is widely published.



by vernyce dannells

when the air is fevered
and breathing seems the only motion in the universe
we know the stars will lose their places
and streak a radiant trajectory to earth
It is these nights we seek the air mattress, tarp
and build a careful bed in the backyard still.
We awaken, dog nestling right, cat opposing
moon muzzling sunrise
We’ve clutched each other – not against cold
but solitude.



copyright © 2003
from "temporarily abated"
a new collection



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