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What matters most is how well you walk through the fires -- Charles Bukowski

walking through fires
and dark woods

:  u l r i k e   g e r b i g

In scorching heat and freezing cold
I got burned and scarred
I got blistered and numb.

Crossing burning deserts
Walking through wood fires of passion
The coolness of the forests lured me in.

I was a child lost
In a sombre maze of paths
In undergrowth and eerie sounds

Longing for warmth
I bedded wolves
And fed them with my love.

Kissed toads
And touched wet surface
hiding the cold hearts of amphibians.

In icy streams of solitude
I bathed my wounds
And eased my pain.

When tired I hid in a cave
In hibernation
Pregnant with myself.

In my soul’s dark hollows
I finally gave birth to me,
a midwife in labour pains.

Fathered by
The beasts and the burns
The fires and the forests.

Walking through fires and dark woods
In scorching heat and freezing cold
I must have done it well
Because I did not lose, but finally found myself.


© copyright 2004, ulrike gerbig
all rights reserved



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