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cover art Poems from the Other Land by Ruth Mark
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R e t u r n   t o   C a n n e s

I want to see the ochre
Roofs shine golden with the sun,
Once more see the aquamarine mirror, the
Winding mountain roads snake Vallauris
The piles of clementines begging
To be bought from street market
Benches. I want to taste
The bread warm from the
Primitive ovens, smell the spices,
Scents of quickly-wilting flowers
Watch the smoke drift
Skywards as theĀ 
Early morning water hits the
Baking tarmac. Hear the
Shouts of sellers, gossip as
Women wait for buses. Let me
Once more swing the window
Shutters open on the day.
Let us return to Cannes
Where it all began.


First appeared in Lily, September 2004

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