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cover art Poems from the Other Land by Ruth Mark
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Z a n d v o o r t

With unbelieving eyes she
views the horizon, and he’s
right - from this vantage point
the world is undeniably round
the convex perfect as far
as she can see. 
The sea a blue-green rippling
ribbed carpet, a living
creature playing with boats,
balls, surfers, children.
It looks inviting yet
throbs menace, sand shelving
while the winds whip over
the vast distance, sand
that way and this stretching
with no end in sight. They
keep walking and slowly
the stress drops. They leave
their worries, frustrations,
anger buried, hidden under
shells, strewn like pebbles
in patches. When they finally
leave they feel renewed. 
Whole. Once more they
know they’ll be okay,
know their marriage
is worth saving, that magic
has once more been woven
by this fabulous stretch
of Dutch coastline.


First appeared in Lily, September 2004

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