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A Year of Musing Dangerously by Russell Bittner < back : index : next >   

A Year of Musing Dangerously by Russell Bittner

All photographs are by Russell Bittner

J u n e

If lights, at last, go dim in June
spacergifon May’s swift kick of luck,
will spry July plea out some goon
spacergifto plunder August’s pluck?

While crawling through my attic hall,
spacergifI sense an end impending
as creditors, in panicked call,
spacergifassail my overspending

on one young love whose brazen breach
spacergifof trust turned out the light
just as the sea waved off the beach
spacergifand bade us both goodnight—

which left me free to contemplate
spacergifhow rashly I could purge
those random memories that prate
spacergifonce hope abandons urge.




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