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A Year of Musing Dangerously by Russell Bittner < back : index : next >   

A Year of Musing Dangerously by Russell Bittner

All photographs are by Russell Bittner

A p r i l

It’s April again, with its wretched refrain
spacergifof the taxman, who cometh a-calling.
Am I then to blame if I shudder in shame
spacergifat his short-list to which we keep falling?

I don’t doubt he’s right—after all, there’s tonight
spacergifwhen with you I’d much rather be balling;
since like Mother Earth, we’ve some sense of the worth
spacergifof what he and his own wife find galling.

And so, we restrain our critique of the rain
spacergifas the reason we’re both now recalling
that May days and flowers are grateful for showers
spacergifthat taxmen regard as appalling.

But try as he might to indict us tonight
spacergiffor sedition, perdition and stalling,
we both know this human just lacks the acumen
spacergifto amortize amorous mauling.



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