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Among the Unawake poems from the Great Plains by Rodney Nelson

S t a r t   o f   M a y

Rain was making to come to start
another May and odor and
look of plum blossom walked me to
the river in latening day
that I crossed with half a notion
to avoid the known corner of
the lot ahead where someone might
have parked a car I would not
have known
half an eye detected
someone or two in motion and
I went north not using more of
it until I got to a tee
of street and avenue
to look for traffic
to ignore what had not needed
to come to this intersection
that stopped and hared away in front
of me
a small car not daring
to be seen or to see that I
would not have known
though I did have
a whole notion that it lived south
and exiting the lot ought to
have turned and gone that direction
the one
it sped to take at the
next corner now
gone anyway
but someone stayed downtown in me
and walked me home before the rain


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