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R u m m y   P a r k

b y   R e b e c c a   L u   K i e r n a n

20.  The Shape of Hearts

I don't know how to love you
Undamaged, uncamouflaged, clean,
Untrained in prisoner torture.
No suitcase of needles, electrodes, duct tape
To incite my confession.
How do you love me?
Slinking in half light,
Speaking in code, sketching escape routes
For every variation
Of ways this house could fall.
Why do you linger in prayer
Over my cupped hands, bent head,
My eggshell affection, muscular back?
You carve shadows in the shape of hearts.
How do you caress the part of me
Your faith may not survive to see?
How do you love the shade of me
That scours the midnight streets
In navy fishnet
Calling out to a lost dog
That bit me in a dream?

poetry & photos © 2006 Rebecca Lu Kiernan

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