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R u m m y   P a r k

b y   R e b e c c a   L u   K i e r n a n

62.  Epilogue

When you found me, I was
Swinging in a noose.
How can I ever thank you?
In a thousand lives?
I slept in his guest room.
Your greatest fear
Hasn't yet.
He wouldn't want me like that,
In the dress you brought back
From Milan,
Your thumbprint bruises on my hips,
The taste of you
Haunting my kiss.
Silent as the rains of april,
Pure as hexagon honey,
Weightless as the angel
Traversing the flesh,
You slump behind the door
I am closing.
If I have left something behind,
Kindly throw it out.
Do not entertain my ghost
In this marigold house.
Don't listen for her sleepy sighs
And if you get a chance,
Close her eyes,
And put on pennies, shark teeth,
Jagged trunks of blue-black trees.
I'm begging you,
Do not let her see
You holding
A scarf or a sock or the desert wind
Forgiving the fickle heart of a friend.

poetry & photos © 2006 Rebecca Lu Kiernan

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