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< back : index : next >    An Unkindness of Ravens : by Rebecca Lu Kiernan

G h o s t s   o f   4 0   G a r n e t
Behind the burgundy curtains
Of your lamb white office
You whisper what you will do
If ever our worlds collide.
You'll pull of my red fishnet stockings
With your teeth.
My hair will fall into your eyes.
We will blurt out things
In the long lines of hasty Christmas purchases.
We will come so hard together
A twelve step program
Couldn't get us
Off each other.

Light years away,
You penetrate my hologram
Barely missing
My ocean salts and peach pie smells,
Bubbling sea foam whispers
Bending your rare black orchids.

You drift
Into her seamless perfection
Like sodium blue fog
Over ocean mint green
As the sun submerges
Deep into jellyfish pinks,
Shark belly greys.

She pretends to come
Against your haphazard jackrabbit thrusts,
She smiles like Miss Congeniality
Against your post-ejaculatory kiss.
I always knew it would end like this.

I cannot send you to the future unforgiven.
Just the way you said my name
Transformed me to absolute starlight,
The trust you had in my hands,
Hands that have groped
Confetti, Mardi gras beads,
Fistfuls of dry winter leaves.
You cupped your hands
Thinking you could hold me.
Faster than the speed of hearts.

You carry me with you now
Because once, you saw my face
And all these ruined worlds you find
Can never be thought of as unkind.



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