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michael rothenberg in nyc by ira cohen


bio from michael :

I was about 15 years old, son of a lawyer, growing up in Miami Beach, Florida, during the 1960's, when I first heard the poetry of John Keats, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and Allen Ginsberg. I decided right then that's what I wanted to do. Write poetry. I believed in the IDEALS being put forth by the poets of the day. The Beats were the persuasive ones. I imagined a life of art, beauty, community responsibility, ecological awareness, "peace, love and understanding". I still do. Idealism is a chronic ailment, and Poetry tells the story, win or lose.

michael edits THE BIG BRIDGE - a webzine of poetry and everything else; featuring works by himself, ira cohen, david gitin, anselm hollo and a host of folks. pay a visit!


b u s y

by michael rothenberg

I’m too emotional to see anyone. Decorum
doesn’t mean squat. I buy broccoli and
cook it alone. If you’ll let me be myself,
ask nothing of me, won’t pick up the phone
when it rings, you can come share the broccoli
with me. I was raised to be transparent.
In bed no lover wonders if my mind is
somewhere else. They know. My mother lies
between my lover and poetry to make sure
I am respectful I want to be anonymous
Invisible. So I’m painting the clear plastic
window to my world with a rainbow
from the inside. In the future you’ll have to
ask me where I’m at. Maybe I’ll tell you



November 23, 2001


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