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p o e m s

m i c h a e l   k.  g
a u s e

premonition at dawn

punch line

in paris



[ selected poems from Pimping Grace, a new collection currently being edited by d. garcia-wahl for publication in 05 ]

+ Fragments from Pimping Grace

michael k. gause currently lives & moves around minnesota. his writing can be found in prestigious publications and homely homes; places such as bigcity lit, mental contagion, half drunk muse, red river review, taj mahal revue, poems niederngasse, poetism, slow trains, and here. though he has created, hosted, and participated in reading events in the twin cities he prefers reading and writing in the corner of a good bar...

a bio... by d. garcia-wahl

it is the question of where man ends and poetry begins. and out in the street the beggar lives for spare quarters. the busker puts his lips to the reed of his sax. the drunkard, a bottle to his mouth. the prostitute fingers a nipple. a group a teenagers keeping their distance from poetry. a man, wishing he were kind, leans against a building. a girl selling flowers hands a bouquet to an old woman. a juggler sitting at a bus stop rubs his eyes. up lyndale. through hennepin. down nicollet avenue. it’s the same. come through washington avenue, walk into a bar, there you’ll find
michael k. gause, a drink before him. in his hand, a pen. it’s where his hand meets the pen that you’ll find an answer to the question. you’ll see he’s put his pen to drunken paper.

that’s how i found him in 1998 over espresso with but three unpublished poems to his name. i published those poems in
the venerable seed that very summer. i became his friend. apart from that, despite what he may say, i have been nothing more to him than a librarian. i handed him his first copies of donne, rilke, mallarmé, and baudelaire. but by most my offering i lead him to his first copy of rimbaud’s "a season in hell", which, as he sat before a maddening fireplace reading, set forth in him a true satori and near breakdown.

what became of him as a man afterwards is unknown to him – which is why i write this and not him. he doesn’t know how to define himself any longer.

michael k gause on deaddrunkdublin.comthis is because he evolves faster than definition. i call him poet. i call him artist. i call him a new voice. he scoffs at it all; questions even more so. so what is the bio of a man such as this? is it that he moved to the twin cities from nashville (his birthplace) in 1995 with a master’s degree in german, that he finds himself now married with a young son, or that his enjoyments lie in that of fine cigars, perfected coffees, good beer, and clever absinthe, or, perhaps, mention is to be made of his first publication,
the tequila chronicles?


truly, the bio of such a man is insignificant as are photos of an author on the back flap of a book jacket. michael k. gause is a man of words. therefore all that matters is what comes of his ink. You’ll find everything you need to know about him there in those words he sweats.

now go.
walk into a bar and find him.
read the pages that come of his pen.
make your own definitions.
find him.
find him.
and, if you’d be so kind, bring me back a little something.  []

the tequila chronicles by michael k. gausehis first self-published chapbook, the tequila chronicles, is available at query books ( in minneapolis and at micawber's ( in st. paul, or can be ordered directly from the author by emailing the cost is $5 (which includes shipping).

a review is available on poetic inhalation -

the tequila chronicles
also has it's own site -

please visit michael's own site -

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