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Cultural Hegemony : Voices in the Margins by Mark Murphy   < back  : index  :  next >  

Palestinian boy confronts tank


Half the world away, two sisters lie dead –
their young bodies burned
beyond all earthly recognition, victims of a map.
They bore no malice, knew of no sins,
nor of the ungodly will
to unleash a shoah against their people.
In their all too brief lives
they lived with the burden of oppression,
playing girlish games in the courtyard of their father.

Half the world away, the Asliyeh sisters,
Samah, 13, and Salwa, 18, lie dead
in the bombed Tel al-Zaatar neighbourhood
of the Beirut refugee camp.
Let us remember their good natured play
now all generosity and solace is gone –
for all who would hear us
we offer a prayer, Samah and Salwa
lest we forget, lest we forget.


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