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t h e   d a y   s o n n y   l i s t o n   w e n t   d o w n  

:   m.  a.   l i t t l e r  

Sonny Liston goes down to Muhammad Ali
(5/25/65) - photo credit unknown




A slight breeze
From the east
Is blowing
Through a town
Torn between Catholicism
And filth
A town
Of Old Testament Egypt.
The paper mill's sweet sickening stench-
Follows me down
The cobblestone road
Leading down Preston St.
Through the dirty window
Of the ancient luncheon
I see an old buzzard
Wearing wooden antlers
On his head
And sporting
A tail
'btween his legs.
This particular day
Feels just like the day
Sonny Liston went down.
I remember
The Reverend's words
After telling him
I favor
The whorehouse tunes
To the church house tunes:
"Gotta break a man
The way you break
A horse."





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