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o d e   t o   j i m m y   g a t o r f a c e 

:   m.  a.   l i t t l e r    

 video frame : m. a. littler :

There he is
Walking down 3rd Street
Jimmy Gatorface
Savage scholar
Unrepentant alcoholic
Violent reptile
Skid royalty
With a mouthful of kerosene.
Jimmy's a man
Jimmy's a beast
Jimmy loves hard
And hates bitterly.
You get confused?
Jimmy'll set it straight for ya
Love is white
Hate is black
Just sometimes
It's the other way 'round.
You won't see no sunshine
Where Jimmy walks
You'll hear no chatter
When Jimmy talks.
You ever want to pay
Your respect
To Jimmy Gatorface
You'll find him
On the East Side
Of Hollywood cemetery
6 feet underground.





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