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banshee poem by andrew lovatt on

john g. hall

manchester UK born
writes plays,short stories and poetry
reckons Wm Blake and Robt Creeley
co-editor of Citizen-32
now writing a Sc-fi novel called
"The Drowning fish"


a younger u.s.a.

by john g. hall

The snake-rattler, king-hipped
Memphis kissed battle sent kid,
sang his sad song into your ear
and your heart heard the big
words of rock'n'roll god feared.
No more English knights Eleanor,
just hot American days of silk
and honey and bad band beats
carpet bombing the dance floor.
Sins shoed in Eden's skin torn from
the first snake eye that blinked.
Now the life that stubbornly stays
reminds you still of black 45's, and
the booming voice of a younger u.s.a


copyright © 2003
John G. Hall



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