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john bryan writes...

If I have to stop to talk about my writing I guess the best I can come up with at this time is that I find my poetry, which I have been committed to since April 2001, is an exercise in something, not carthasis, but an exercise. I am programmed at this moment to record and therefore react to all the external stimuli (ie., my life) that surrounds me. It involves confessions of the soul blah blah but also a re wiring of it. I have had 275 poems published since that said April, and, as an exercise with a beginning, it will also have an end when I hit five hundred poems. These five hundred published poems will form the Five Fits, each Fit containing one hundred poems each. So this is my blueprint for writing...

I have found through time that my philosophical views tend not to change much so, as with thermodynamics, I guess I feel I have a limited amount of things to say, which hopefully these Five Fits will say in the most refined way that I can muster for me. I will look back on my poetry writing as my halycon days as far as my thought processes go and the way in which I describe my life... (i'll end it there for i'm still involved in completing the exercise, and i do not want to bore you further... just at the moment to say it's still very compulsive... )

john bryan portrait small on deaddrunkdublin.comFor all that, I reside in Antarctic Canberra, capital city of Australia. If Aussies had spacemen I'd describe myself as an Ockernaut spreading misinformation in various journals such as Unlikely 2.0, Double Dare Press, ThunderSandwich, Tin Lustre Mobile, Ygdrasil, Stirring, the hold, the other side ragged, The Pedestal Magazine, The Foliate Oak, and Rock Salt Plum Review.

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